Personal Car Leasing Explained

More and more people every year are switching from 'traditional' methods of purchasing a new car to leasing. There are now nearly 2 million leased vehicles in the UK.

What is Personal Car Leasing?

Have you ever wanted to own a brand new vehicle, but the thought of depreciation and re-selling put you off? Worry not! With personal car leasing, you have the ability to get behind the wheel of a brand-new car without worries.

Personal car leasing is the process of paying monthly payments, along with an initial payment, for an agreed amount of time in return for a car customised to suit your needs. After the agreed time, you are given the option to hand the car back, or extend your contact!

Some people have the impression that leasing is only for businesses, but that's not true! You can lease a car just for yourself with personal car leasing! The process is pretty much exactly the same!

How does Personal Car Leasing Work?

Many people have put off the idea of personal car leasing because they believe it is a long, complicated process that isn't worth the time or energy. However, personal car leasing is actually a much simpler process than most people realise.

After finding your ideal car, give us a call at 01670 339 469, or email us at to discuss the car further, including specs, price, and mileage, etc. Following this call, our dedicated sales team will find the very best price for you, and if your car is in stock (if so, act fast!). Once the ideal price has been determined, we will give you a call to continue the process, this includes sending over documents for you to sign, and a free credit check.

Once you've signed the required documents, and following a 14 day cooling offer period, and, giving you time to back out if your circumstances change, the lease is pretty much set in stone. All you need to do is agree on the delivery date and wait for your brand new car to be delivered to your front door!

When you decide to go ahead with personal car leasing, you also have the option to lease with no deposit, meaning you don’t have to worry about a larger initial payment at the beginning of the lease!

Is Personal Car Leasing a Good Idea?

If you love the thought of driving a brand new car customised to suit you - and just you - then personal car leasing is a great idea. Did you know that if you lease a new car instead of buying it, it usually ends up cheaper? Sounds pretty good, right? And that's not all, here are some more benefits of choosing personal car leasing.

Benefits of Personal Car Leasing

So what are the benefits of personal car leasing? Other than being able to drive a new car, you’ll find a fixed monthly cost, deals for every budget, and simple maintenance costs all rolled up into one.

Fixed Monthly Costs

The beauty of a car lease is that your monthly costs won’t change for the whole duration of your agreement. After you’ve paid your initial upfront fee, sometimes referred to as a deposit, your fees will be the same all the way through.

Deals to suit all budgets

There are car lease deals available for any budget. As you can change the amount you pay upfront and the length of your lease, you can change how affordable a deal is for you. It may mean that a more expensive car isn’t as far out of your price range as you initially feel. Prices will change depending on the car and the length of your lease.

Maintenance & Service

Our car leases come with an optional maintenance package that allows you to wrap all of your maintenance and service costs up into one convenient monthly payment, alongside your lease fee. As long as your maintenance needs fall within general wear & tear, you’ll not have to worry about paying anymore.

Latest car with the latest technology

When you lease a personal car with us, you can be assured that it includes the very latest advances in technology, including hybrid and electric cars. We only lease out brand new cars, so no matter what the spec, the vehicle will include the newest technology in the industry.

Drive away in a brand new car

One of the benefits of personal car leasing is that you are always given a brand new shiny car, without the need to worry about deprecation and reselling. If driving a new car is a must for you, then personal car leasing is perfect for you.