Saloon Car Leasing Deals

The saloon may be one of the oldest types of car around but it can still be the perfect match for the needs of many buyers. We show you the best saloon cars currently on sale.

The saloon may seem like a relatively old-fashioned type of car compared to the raft of compact SUVs and crossovers currently flooding the market. However, it can still make sense for a lot of buyers, as the best on the market offer qualities such as style, comfort, luxury and performance all in one package.

Our best saloon cars page looks at those that tick most if not all of those boxes. The top 10 offers a mix of positive driving dynamics, refined ride quality, smart, well built interiors, economy, space and technology. We've picked the best saloons from a range of manufacturers to suit a number of different budgets. The list even includes a Bentley and a Rolls-Royce; while they certainly don't major on affordability or running costs, in some other important respects, they represent the pinnacle of what a saloon car can be.