Roadster Leasing Deals

The roadster - the pleasure of a coupe with the ability to it combine it with the versatility of a convertible. This list of the best roadster sports cars is a must.

One of the ironies of British car buying is our undying love of the convertible despite the gloomy weather. In Europe, only Germany records more convertible sales, so our love of smelling freshly cut grass and hearing the birds sing as we drive is still alive and well.

Manufacturers cater for most types of driver too; from those who want a bare-bones sports car with a simple drop top to a more luxurious two-seater suited to lengthier trips at a more relaxed pace. The four-seat convertible has also made a resurgence for sun-loving families or friends who want to travel in style and compare tans at the end of any trip.

Convertibles that have metal folding roofs are becoming few and far between; the vast majority have returned to a fabric ‘soft-top’ hood. Fabric roofs are lighter and easier to package than a cumbersome metal roof, while advances in sound insulation mean they’re almost as good at keeping noise at bay on the move.

These leaps in engineering have helped designers build the best convertibles - those which provide all the fun of a roofless driving experience, but don’t cause any annoyances the rest of the time. Happily the days of accepting that a convertible would be vague to drive, noisy, cold and easy pickings for thieves are well and truly over.

It’s worth remembering that cabriolets need a little more care and maintenance than a car with a fixed roof. Fabric roofs need cleaning and proofing at least once a year to retain their appearance and water resistance, and try to avoid parking under trees if you can help it.