Petrol Car Leasing Deals

Whether you're looking for something sporty, a practical hatchback or a seven-seat SUV, petrol power is now more appealing than ever before.

If you're buying a new car, chances are you're looking at one with a petrol engine. With the gradual downturn in the sale of diesel-engined cars, petrol power is the top choice for most UK drivers.

And the good news is that petrol engines are smoother, more powerful and more economical than ever before. So while you might have thought that you'd need to choose diesel for a larger car, such as an SUV, that's now no longer the case, as our round-up of the best petrol cars shows.

Whether you're in the market for a performance saloon, a family hatchback or even a seven-seat SUV, we'll help you find a petrol car to suit your needs.