Hatchback Leasing Deals

Hatchback models are hugely popular thanks to the practicality of a large boot opening. Here we take a look at some of the best hatchback models of all shapes and sizes.

There was a time when almost every car had a boot separate from the interior and accessed by just a small bootlid. Fast-forward to modern hatchbacks, and many UK buyers prefer the versatility offered by models like the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf, which are designed to maximise both passenger and boot space.

A hatchback brings big advantages, with the most important being a much bigger boot opening. If you’ve ever tried wrangling a piece of furniture or mountain bike into a saloon, you’ll know it can be difficult or even impossible. A hatchback can open up the entire rear of the car from floor to roof height, with a much lower loading lip designed for you to slide awkward items inside.

Hatchback boots are also easy to access in almost any parking space and garage, with hydraulic struts or even electric power designed to make opening and shutting the boot easy. This is preferable to the side-opening tailgates of some SUVs like the Ford EcoSport and Land Rover Defender, that can be awkward in tight gaps and very heavy.

Luckily, hatchback fans are spoilt for choice, because not only does just about every supermini and family car come with a hatch, so do most crossovers, SUVs and an increasing number of high-performance and luxury cars. Our list of the best hatchbacks on sale in the UK right now includes everything from a city car, to family-friendly models, a hot hatch, luxury cars and even two electric cars.