Coupe Leasing Deals

If you’re looking for a car with driving pleasure in mind, our list of the best coupe sports cars is a must-read.

Most people instinctively have a feel for what a sports car is, but pinning down a precise definition can be tricky. For what it’s worth, the Oxford English Dictionary reckons a sports car is “designed for performance at high speeds,” but we’d argue that ignores a fairly major aspect of sports car ownership: enjoyment.

Sports cars should be fast, but they should also put a big grin on your face every time you drive them. They tend to be less practical and more expensive than family hatchbacks, for example, so those deficits need compensating for; pure driving pleasure is surely one of the most significant carrots that sports cars dangle in front of potential buyers. We’ve tried to focus on those that could be used every day, so there aren't any super-light track specials allowed, and on cars that could loosely be described as 'affordable', as opposed to the preserve of millionaires.

Coupe sports cars aren't intrinsically impractical, with improvements in packaging and design meaning coupe-car boots are far more useable than they used to be. It’s a similar story with fuel economy, as most of the cars on this list use the latest engine technology to offer reasonable running costs.